The National Training Agency hosts “Gender in TVET” Consultation

Ensuring that the gender dimension is included in a National TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) Policy was the overriding objective of a one-day Consultation on Gender in TVET at the Rex Grenadian on Tuesday May 29, 20 18.

A wide cross-section of stakeholders including the government ministries of Education, Labour and Social Development; Trade Unions, Training Providers including TAMCC, NEWLO, CDACT and SGU; and non-governmental organisation such as SADO, SAEP, Employers Federation and GRENCODA examined topics such as Access to and Participation in Education; Quality of Education; Knowledge, Research and Evidence Base in TVET; Costs and Financing; and Administration and Management, in small group sessions making sure to include the gender element in the discussions.

The aim of the workshop was to examine data and trends in TVET to ensure inclusion of gender perspectives into the national TVET policy which is being worked on currently.

The Consultation was addressed by the new Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Finley Jeffrey, who noted that the timeliness of the workshop in helping propel the discussion forward on changing perception of TVET in Grenada and more specifically the stigma attached to training with flexible gender movement.

Other presentations were made by Chief Executive Officer of the National Training Agency, Mr. Lincoln Morgan, and Gender Specialist, Alicia Mondesire, and supported by Senior Technical Advisor, Colleges and Institutes, Canada, Dr. Linda Cooke.

The workshop was held as part of the CARICOM for Education for Employment Programme (C-EFEE) which is funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by Colleges and Institutes Canada. The workshop was hosted by the National Training Agency. The Gender in TVET policy report should be available by August 2018.

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