The Standards Development Process

The NTA’s Standards and Planning Coordinator provides leadership in the development of competency standards. Industry Lead Bodies comprising representatives of employers, sector associations, training providers and industry experts play a key role in the development and validation of these standards.

  • Standards are developed in response to the areas identified by Labour Market Surveys, Government’s plans and projections, sector organizations and Training Providers.
  • Where Regional Occupational Standards (ROS) exist these are vetted by the relevant Industry Lead Bodies and submitted to the Grenada Council for Technical and Vocational Education and training (GCTVET) for approval.
  • Where there are no ROS, international standards are sought and validated then approved by the GCTVET.
  • Where neither relevant ROS nor international standards exist, the NTA plans and conducts an occupational analysis which analyzes and documents the requirements of the occupation and the work performed. This information is used as the basis for the development of draft competency standards for the occupation.
  • The draft standards developed through this process are validated by Industry Lead Bodies and submitted to the GCTVET for approval.
  • Approved standards are published on the website. These standards are reviewed periodically by the Industry Lead Bodies to ensure continued relevance to industry needs.

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