Skills Training Instructors Get Exposure to CBET Methodology

Sixteen persons involved in TVET delivery and instruction in local training centres have completed training in competency-based education and training (CBET) using the Training and Development CVQ Level 4 standard.  The training commenced on March 9th and cam e to an end in April 2021 following in-course assessments.   The training programme was facilitated by Quality Assurance Coordinator, Frances Ruffin and Standards and Planning Coordinator, Gennesta Charles.  

One of the instructors receiving training, Laverne Smith attached to the Programme for Adolescent Mothers (PAM), told the NTA that CBET instruction is very different.  She noted that an instructor was expected to give attention to each student and spend more time developing the skills of the individual to ensure that all students are competent in the occupational area.  

Ms. Smith said the CVQ/TVET method of teaching is a very effective method of instruction especially with the incorporation of the BOPPPS (Bridge in, Objectives, Pre-Test, Participative Learning, Post Test, Summary) method.  Ms. Smith was high in praise for the facilitators who she said was excellent in their delivery of the course.  She noted that she was a teacher in name prior to the training but she only now considers herself a teacher having gone through the training.  

Another participant, Naficia Evans-Charles expressed similar sentiments She said the training was very motivating and she particularly liked that it involved more hands-on learning and different learning methods to cater to each learner’s different learning style. 

The training was part funded by the Skills for Youth Employment in the Caribbean (SkYE) project under its Capacity Building component.  

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