Quality Assurance​

Training providers are required to become Approved Training and Assessment Centres in order to offer programmes leading to CVQ/NVQ certification. The NTA provides support to training providers to build capacity and to meet the requirements for centre approval. This includes the provision of an instructor training programme that introduces teaching staff to competency-based education and training methodologies, training of staff as Assessors and Internal Verifiers and providing advice on the development of facilities for training.

Individuals must provide evidence that they have the ability to perform work activities to the standards required in employment. Certification procedures are conducted in which competency-based performance is measured against the occupational standards. Because of the modular approach to training and assessment, individuals can acquire certification/credit for learning and demonstration of competence in discrete stages.

Assessor Training

This is a critical aspect of our quality assurance activities. The assessor training programme provides technical and managerial skills to suitably qualified persons to prepare them to be assessors. 

Verifier Training

The CVQ/NVQ certification process requires internal and external verification of assessments. Internal verification is carried out at the training or assessment centre by an NTA approved Internal Verifier who conducts the relevant quality assurance checks on the assessments.

Instructor Training

The GNTA requires that all TVET instructors complete an instructor training programme that focuses on building competencies required for planning and delivery of competency-based education and training (CBET) programmes.

Centre Approval

Training Centres that offer programmes leading to National Vocational Qualifications or Caribbean Vocational Qualifications are required to become Approved Training Centres. 

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