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Occupational Standard

An Occupational Standard is a technical specification or code of practice to measure performance or to determine/control levels of quality. It is an industry-determined specification of performance which sets out the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to operate effectively in employment.

An occupational standard is made up of elements of competency together with performance criteria, a range of variables and evidence guide.

Occupational standards are an accredited part of the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system and are the smallest unit of measure in a competency-based training and certification system.

The concept of competency embodies the following:

  • What is expected of the employee in the workplace
  • The ability to transfer and apply skills and knowledge to new situations and environments
  • It does not mean “expertise” by a person certified at a particular level
  • It implies repeatability of successful performance
  • In occupational standards the emphasis is on outcomes and on application of skills and knowledge

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