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Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ)

CVQs are awarded to candidates that demonstrate job-related competencies based on the Regional Occupational Standards. CVQs can be achieved at your job through the workplace competence certification route. CVQs can also be obtained at training providers such as schools and technical institutes or through community-based programmes that have successfully used workplace activities in accordance with the NTA’s policies related to certification.

Benefits of the CVQ

  • It is a broad-based preparation for employment
  • It provides an alternative route to further / higher education
  • It has parallel standing with academic qualifications at same level
  • Will complement academic competencies and qualifications
  • Recognized & Portable Qualification within CARICOM and internationally
  • The CVQ ensures that you can perform in the workplace
  • Your past work experience and skills will count towards the CVQ
  • If you do not complete the CVQ at a centre or school you can continue at another approved centre.

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ)

CVQ standards are used for training and certification whenever they are available. For occupational areas where CVQ standards (Regional Occupational Standards) are not yet available, the NTA develops/adopts National Occupational Standards which are used in training and certification. Persons certified using these standards are awarded National Vocational Qualifications. National Occupational Standards can be submitted to CANTA for approval as Regional Occupational Standards.

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