Roles and Functions of the NTA

Roles of the National Training Agency

  • To develop, implement and maintain a National Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Plan that will create a workforce that is competent, certified, innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial for Local, Regional and International Markets.
  • To establish and maintain a National TVET System to harmonize, standardize, monitor and evaluate all formal and non-formal national training efforts in TVET within the Tri-Island State.
  • To continually assess and provide relevant information on TVET and workforce development, which includes the demand for and supply of human resources in collaboration with state and other agencies.
  • To assist, support and encourage the development of training programmes designed to develop innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship in the nations human resources.
  • To develop a structured and active system of communication and partnership with stakeholders to ensure continued relevance and value of the Agency’s products and services.

Functions of the National Training Agency

The Agency’s role is clearly defined in the Grenada Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Act of 2009 and it has the mandate to perform the following functions:

  • To manage the issuance of certificates in relation to TVET
  • To validate regional competency standards and develop new competency
  • To approve the design and delivery of training courses

In addition, the National Training Agency is responsible for:

  • The introduction of CARICOM approved occupational standards in all areas of training including Hospitality, Construction, Agriculture and Marina.
  • Establishment of Industry Lead Bodies to validate all standards in the different occupational areas for use in Grenada.
  • Establishment of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Procedures to facilitate training and certification that will enable trainees to achieve the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) in their specific area of training.
  • The Certification of the Grenada workforce to meet the labour market demands of industry.
  • Establishment of a Standard Qualifications Framework.

Find more functions of the NTA, by browsing through the GCTVET act.

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