The NTA is collaborating with MAREP for the training of 600 unemployed youth from vulnerable communities in programmes leading to CVQ / NVQ Level 2 certification in areas where they are likely to gain employment or become self-employed. The training is implemented in three phases with approximately 200 trainees in each phase. Phase 1 was implemented in 2015 with just over 200 trainees in ten 7 occupational areas including Crop Production, Garment Production & Fashion Design, Data Operations, General Office Administration, General Agriculture, General Construction and Early Childhood Development. In 2016 ten programmes were started in Phase 2 in areas such as Crop Production, Fashion design, Personal Computer Repair, Housekeeping, Motor Vehicle Engine Systems, Allied Health- Geriatric Caregiver, Food Preparation and Cookery and Agro Food Processing. Three Phase 3 programmes were started in the areas of Food Preparation and Cookery, and General Construction with another seven scheduled to commence early in 2017.

As of January 2017 a total of four hundred and eighty-six (486) trainees have been enrolled in 18 occupational areas, representing 81% of the targeted 600 persons.

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