CVQs are awarded to candidates that demonstrate competence to the Regional Occupational Standards. You can obtain a CVQ at your job through the workplace competence certification route.

You can also obtain a CVQ at training providers such as schools and technical institutes or through community-based
programmes that have successfully used workplace activities to the satisfaction of the NTA Registration and Approval System.

Benefits of the CVQ

  • It is a broad-based preparation for employment
  • It provides an alternative route to further / higher education
  • It has parallel standing with academic qualifications at same level
  • Will complement the academic track
  • Recognized & Portable Qualification in CARICOM / Rest of the World
  • The CVQ ensures that you can perform in the workplace
  • Your past work experience and skills will count towards the CVQ
  • If you don’t complete the CVQ at a centre or school you can continue at another approved centre.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)
Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ)
Career Path

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