GNTA Launches Redesigned Website

All the information you need is just a click away.  The Grenada National Training Agency (GNTA) launched its redesigned website on Monday 3rd May 2021.  

The website is intended to provide a simple resource to help stakeholders to easily access useful information on the GNTA and provide greater interaction through the online submission or download of forms, feedback, and concerns.  

In the press event streamed virtually on Mikey Live, the Marketing and Communications Officer, Kay Julien-Gutu, explained some of the reasons for creating a new website. Including improving the visual appeal, making it more responsive and mobile friendly, updating the content, increasing the Call to Actions (CTAs), providing easier navigation, and increasing functionality and interaction.  

Web designer and developer, Glenroy Boatswain, noted in his remarks that he had incorporated new features into the website and felt he had accomplished the task of building a fast, user friendly, and modern website. He encouraged users to submit the feedback form to give the GNTA a better opportunity to serve the public.  

CEO, K. Lincoln Morgan said the redevelopment of the website is very important to the organisation as a tool for maintaining contact with stakeholders.  He said the website is as important as the physical operations of the office since if offers greater interaction with the public than even through visits to the office.  He noted too that a well-functioning website with up-to-date content ensures that the site is educational, informative, and useful to all users.  

The website and its new features were presented to the public by the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Edward Williams.   

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