The Grenada Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training

The Grenada Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (GCTVET) is an advisory body to the Minister of Education on policies, strategies, and programmes for the management of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). The GCTVET has responsibility for the development of a national policy and strategy for TVET in order to meet the needs of the society and the economy.

The GCTVET was established by an Act of Parliament (Act #9 of 2009).  It is a semi-autonomous which has responsibility for overseeing the work of the NTA in addition to the formulation of policies related to the development and delivery of TVET in Grenada.

Roles of the GCTVET

Advisory Body

The GCTVET is an advisory body to the Minister for Education as regard policies and strategies required for an efficient and effective system of technical and vocational education and training suited to the needs of Grenada.

Policy Making and Strategic Development

The GCTVET has responsibility for the establishment of a policy and strategic framework to guide the design, delivery and evaluation of technical and vocational education programmes and projects.

Resource Allocation

The GCTVET makes decisions concerning the utilization and allocation of resources for training following established financial procedures for the usage of those resources.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The GCTVET monitors and evaluates technical and vocational educational programmes and projects within the context of the above-mentioned policy and strategic framework and within the framework of periodic reviews of policies and strategies.

In this regard, the GCTVET receives and considers evaluated reports and training proposals submitted by agencies through the NTA.

Design ad Delivery of TVET

The GCTVET shall have oversight for the design and delivery, and the monitoring and evaluation of TVET within the formal as well as non-formal and informal arrangements including programmes offered by private sector training institutions and NGO’s.

The GCTVET shall also reserve the right to engage or co-opt any organisation or individual, which the GCTVET deems will contribute to the work of the GCTVET.

Regulations, guidelines and procedures for TVET

Under the general direction and with specific directives given by the Minister of Education, the GCTVET has responsibility for the establishment of a system of regulations including guidelines and procedures relating to:
  • the design and delivery of training courses
  • qualification criteria for participation in courses
  • the certification and accreditation of persons successfully completing training courses of attaining competencies in respect of any specified occupation
  • governance of the training and generation of funds
  • decisions on funding proposals based on evaluations and recommendations of proposals by the NTA
  • quality assurance methods
  • registration, certification and regulation of other training providers

The GCTVET Consists of Eleven Members

GCTVET Members

Mr. Michael Roberts

Chairperson – Technology, Private Sector

Mr. Anselm La Touche

Private Sector

Mr. Geffrey Telesford

Construction Sector

Mrs. Lorna Douglas

Representative New Life Organisation

Mrs. Merlisia Polius-John

Representative of TAMCC

Ms. Anna Brizan

Ministry of Labour

Mr. Stephen Jerome

Tourism & Hospitality Sector

Mr. K. Lincoln Morgan

National Training Agency

Mr. Dominic Jeremiah

Ministry of Education

Ms. Ann Marie Montrose

Grenada Employers Federation

Mrs. Merina Jessamy

Ministry of Economic Development

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