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Enterprise Based Training

The Enterprise Based Training (EBT) Programme works with employers and private and public sector organizations to enhance the levels of productivity of the workforce through improved worker competence. Technical support is provided for evaluation of the levels of competence of employees and the establishment of pathways for training and certification to fill identified gaps.
EBT programmes to date include:

  • The training of teachers in Data Operations under the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Project (CARCIP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development;
  • Work towards the certification of Massage Therapists through the Assessment of Prior Learning programme;
  • Work towards the certification of workers in the Tourism a & Hospitality sector;
  • Certification of Child Care Workers at day care centres and pre-schools across Grenada Carriacou and Petit Martinique in Early Childhood Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development;
  • The conduct of a needs assessment and development and implementation of a training plan for the staff of the Juvenile Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre as part of an OECS project under the Ministry of Social Development.

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