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GNTA ι Certification


In order to be certified, individuals must demonstrate competence in a given set of work activities. Certification is defined as “the formal recognition of the successful demonstration of the achievement of skills, knowledge and attitude by a recognized awarding body.”

For certification, individuals must provide evidence that they have the ability to perform work activities to the standards required in employment. Certification procedures are conducted in which competency-based performance (actual performance) is measured against the occupational standards. Because of the modular approach to training and assessment, individuals can acquire certification/credit for learning and demonstration of competence in discrete stages.

The student/learner is assessed on completion of a module or a unit of competence, or several units of competence. If deemed competent, he/she is awarded a Record of Achievement. On completion of all the modules or units in the qualification the results are presented to the GCTVET for final approval. The certificate that is awarded by the NTA guarantees that individuals who are assessed are competent in a significant range of work activities. Individuals can be certified within the Regional Qualifications Framework when:

  • The standards have been developed within an approved quality-assured system
  • Assessment instruments and tools have been developed and assessment is conducted within a quality-assured system
  • An individual is deemed competent by a trained assessor

The Certification System

The certification system has:

  • Local and regional acceptance
  • Provisions for articulation across certification levels
  • Provision for articulation with the “formal” education system

To be certified:

  • All units of the competency standard must be assessed
  • Evidence should relate clearly and directly to specified standards
  • There should be sufficient evidence to cover the full range of conditions specified in the standards.

The Certification Process


Candidates enrolled with Approved Training Centres will complete registration forms and submit them to the NTA. The forms will be checked by NTA staff and approved. The required fees will be collected, the candidates and the ATC notified and the information entered into the database at the NTA.

Assessment & Verification of Assessments

Candidates will be assessed by trained assessors and internal and external verification activities conducted as indicated above.

Claims for Certification will be submitted to the NTA along with reports from the external verifiers. Claims for Certification will be reviewed by the Certification Review Committee and recommendations for certification made to GCTVET for approval.

Entry into NQR

Candidates and centres will be notified of certification decisions and information entered into the National Qualifications Register.

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