Certification Through Training & Assessment

Certification procedures are conducted to measure competency-based performance against competency standards Because of the modular approach to training and assessment, individuals can acquire certification for learning and demonstration of competence. Individuals must provide evidence that they have the ability to perform work activities to the standards required in employment.

Enterprise Based Training

The Enterprise Based Training (EBT) Programme works with employers and private and public sector organizations to enhance the levels of productivity of the workforce through improved worker competence.

Institution Based Training

The NTA is responsible for the accreditation of TVET training centres. A Centre Approval Policy was developed in line with CANTA regulations as a guide for the delivery of services leading to CVQ and NVQ certification.

Community Based Training

The Community Based Training Programme seeks to support training and certification at the community level. This can include programmes offered by NGOs, church groups and community organizations.

Assessment of Prior Learning

Assessment of Prior Learning is a process which involves the identification, documentation and assessment of learning acquired through formal, non-formal and informal experiences. This includes work and life experiences, training, independent study, hobbies and family experiences.

Registration for Certification

Candidates enrolled with Approved Training Centres will complete registration forms and submit them to the NTA. The forms will be checked and approved by NTA staff. The required fees will be collected, and the candidates will be notified. The information will be entered into the database at the NTA.

Assessment & Verification of Assessments

Candidates will be assessed by trained assessors and internal and external verification activities conducted as indicated above. Claims for Certification will be submitted to the NTA along with reports from the external verifiers. Claims for Certification will be reviewed by the Certification Review Committee and recommendations for certification made to GCTVET for approval.

Entry into the National Qualifications Register

Congrats! At this point your training is finally over. Candidates and centres will be notified of certification decisions and information entered into the National Qualifications Register.


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