Caribbean Development Bank Provides Support for Workforce Development in Grenada

The GNTA is benefiting from grant funding from the Caribbean Development Bank for the implementation of activities under a project for ‘Enhancing the Capacity of Grenadian Nationals to take advantage of CSME’. The project is providing funding support for three areas of activities of the GNTA as follows:
• The development of occupational standards in Traditional Boatbuilding and Yacht Repair
• The development of a Communications strategy for the NTA
• The conduct of a feasibility study and development of proposals for the establishment of an Enterprise Training Fund to provide a sustainable funding mechanism for the development of the Grenadian workforce.
In 2016 consultants were engaged to undertake the above-mentioned tasks. All activities under the project will be completed by June 2017.

The development of occupational standards in Yacht Repair and Traditional Boatbuilding is paving the way for the development of training and certification programmes to serve the Marine sector. Although this sector is of tremendous importance to the economy there are no organized training and certification programmes offered by local training providers for persons desirous of working in the sector. There is also a need for regional standards for certification in this area.

Additionally, the occupational standards in Traditional Boatbuilding will support efforts towards the preservation of the boatbuilding traditions in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique as well as other CARICOM member states. The standards will be used to certify existing boat builders as well as for teaching persons desirous of building wooden boats, providing them with opportunities to develop the required skills and gain certification. The occupational standards and qualifications developed under the project will be submitted to CANTA for approval as Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ).

The second component of the project involves the development of a communications strategy aimed at improving the perception of TVET among various stakeholder groups and gaining support for CVQ and NVQ certification from industry, training institutions, parents and youth.

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