Bow Valley College of Calgary Canada seeks Partnership with NTA and TAMCC


Two representatives of Bow Valley College in Calgary, Canada paid a visit to the National Training Agency (NTA) on Tuesday 30th, seeking to establish a training partnership with the institution as well as the T. A Marryshow Community College, with which they already have a working relationship, having collaborated in the past year on a number of projects.

Present at the meeting were Mark Butler, Director, International Education and Tristan Cole, International Development Officer, of Bow Valley College, while Kingsley L. Morgan, Chief Executive Officer, and Kay Julien-Gutu, Marketing and Communications Officer, represented the NTA. The T.A Marryshow Community College was represented by David Fleming, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and Marlene Finlay, Dean of the School of Applied Arts and Technology.

Bow Valley College expressed the desire to partner in the areas of renewable energy, online CBET methodologies, workplace essential skills and entrepreneurship in TVET.Both the NTA and TAMCC were desirous of pursuing collaborations in the areas of workplace essential skills, entrepreneurship in TVET and the Online CBET methodologies.

Other potential areas discussed for training included nursing and the specializations of early childhood development, social work, addictions (alcohol syndrome) and rehabilitation studies.

The discussion also centered on possible project ideas and project funding which can be sourced for training programmes.

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