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The vision of the National Training Agency is "a highly productive work-
force improving Grenada's competitiveness".

The Mission of the National Training Agency is "to enhance the
employability of Grenada's workforce".


  • Services

    Development of Occupational Standards

    The NTA works in consultation with industry experts, employers, training providers and professional bodies to develop and maintain national occupational standards which clearly define the competencies which are required for effective workplace performance.

  • Services


    The NTA provides Caribbean Vocational Qualification and National Vocational Qualification certification to candidates from Approved Training Centres, on the job training programmes, community based training programmes and through the Assessment of Prior Learning Programme who have demonstrated all of the required competencies.

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    Capacity Building

    The NTA provides support to training providers to build capacity and to meet the requirements for centre approval. This includes the provision of instructor training that introduces teaching staff to competency-based education and training methodologies, training of staff as Assessors and Internal Verifiers and providing advice on the development of training facilities.

  • Services

    Centre Approval

    The NTA accredits/approves and monitors training centres that have met the criteria established by CANTA for institutions providing training leading to CVQ/NVQ certification. Capacity building activities often precede centre approval.

  • K. Lincoln Morgan

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Garvin Glasgow

    Coordinator For Training Support

  • Patti Joseph

    Executive Assistant

  • Sonia Japal-Aban

    Accounts Officer

  • Kay Julien-Gutu

    Communications & Marketing Officer

  • Gennesta Charles

    Enterprise Based Training Officer

  • Rocksann Jeremiah


  • Dax Telesford

    Office Attendant/Chauffeur

  • Frances Ruffin

    Coordinator For Quality Assurance

  • Roderick Griffith

    Coordinator For Standards and Planning

  • Nadine Lett

    Quality Assurance Assistant